Track Camden 1

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for just a few months and have barely attended social dances. Although you already have some notions, you re basically new to this scene. If you want to get to know and immerse yourself in the world of festivals, and enjoy classes with international instructors, that’s your track

Track Camden 2.

You are familiar with the basic steps of Lindy Hop, the structures of 6 and 8 counts, and through them, you are able to communicate with your partner. If you want to continue consolidating the foundation of Lindy Hop and start gaining musicality and fluency, this is your track.


Soho 1

You have been dancing for several years, frequently attending social dances, and regularly  visited festivals. You feel comfortable with the swing-out at medium tempos, your connection is solid, and you can adapt to different dance partners.

Soho 2.

You’ve been dancing for many years and haven’t stopped attending numerous festivals and workshops. You can dance to any rhythm, from slow to fast lindy, with ease, you are able to use some jazz steps as another ressource to jazz  up your lindy


You’re crazy about Lindy Hop; you go to festivals whenever you can. You practice constantly to keep improving. You have the skill to participate in Jack& Jills/mix&match or teach Lindy Hop at various levels. You can dance very smoothly at fast or slow tempos, adding personality and creativity to your own dance.

Try to be honest with yourself. There won’t be an audition, but the teachers might invite you to move to another level if they feel that you are not in the approproate group.