This year, we will welcome the team of internationally recognized teachers from Bordeaux Swing. Nicolas Deniau, Hyungjung Choi, Jérémy Chanton and Mélanie Deniau are some of the best vintage 😉 of the French swing scene. They will be accompanied by Issiaka and Alison, new promises of Bordeaux Swing.

The often work together with the band, also from Bordeaux, so, for one more year, the festival will breathe team energy and spirit, with a touch of wine aroma.


Enjoy one of the most amazing dancing hall: El Gran Hotel de Zaragoza.

This year we are very excited to have the Hot Swing Sextet on Saturday and Sunday. They have played in the most prestigious festivals in the world. Pingoletus had to be in that list 😉 !

On Sunday, we will also enjoy a late afternoon concert from Marina Quiroga Quartet, a well-known jazz voice in Aragon, accompanied by a group of great local musicians.


Since its first edition, the PingoLetUs Festival has always had a special air step and hopping class as in the original Lindy Hop. As a matter of fact, the name of the festival comes from  the local word "Pingoleta" which means "somersault" So following our tradition, the Festival invites Beginners y Full pass holders to a free 1,5h aerials class. Just remember that it is compulsory to register as a couple as we will not switch partners

boogie woogie

Associated with rock&roll and rhythm&blues music, it shares many dynamics and figures with lindy hop. Mélanie and Jérémy are well-known in international festivals and in the competition scene of this discipline. They will give us an initiation class at the Gran Hotel on the Saturday before the party. (included in the beginner pass and in the full pass)


PARTY PASS with live music


3 live band parties
The swing bus
Cincomarzada social street dance

BEGINNER PASS (at least 6-9 months dancing)
White level


2h. Lindy Hop
1.5 h. Aerials (opcional)
1.5h. Woogie Boogie
3 live band parties

3 levels
Rosé, Red, Champagne


6h. Lindy Hop
1.5 h. de aéreos (opcional)
1.5h. Woogie Boogie 
3 Live band partie

with Hyungjung Choi


Friday 7pm-9pm



Both Mélanie and Jérémy come from the woogie boogie scene where they separately reached podium places in French and international competitions. He comes from the Montpellier school and she is from Bordeaux.  As a team, they are well-known for their  Charleston and Lindy Hop, performances, their impressive results in competitions such as the Savoy Cup, and as teachers of prestigious international festivals. They are expert in aerials and overflow energy and explosive moves. 

NICO is a  well-known dancer of the top European swing scene. He comes from boogie woogie. You can  even find videos of some of his performances from, as early as 2007, when he was just a teenager 🙂 . Since then, he has participated in many international swing festivals and competitions. His performances are playful and with a touch of humour.

Hyungjung brings freshness to the Bordeaux team, a natural talent for dancing, although she currently lives in Bordeaux she is an exponent of one of the most solid scenes on the international scene such as the Korean one.

Alison started her carreer as dancer and teacher with acrobatic rock’n’roll 2012 , then quickly moved to the world of boogie woogie  and Lindy hop. Today she performs in national and international competitions to make you discover her passion!

Issiaka started dancing at a very young age and quickly found himself involved in the world of swing. He competes in boogie woogie and lindy hop competitions in France and in Europe. Seduced by the swing culture and the artistic sphere, he is particularly fond of improvisation and 
social dancing, which represent for him the very essence of the discipline.




On Sunday afternoon we will enjoythe warm voice of Marina Quiroga who will recreate jazz classics, together with great musicians from the Aragonese scene. Marina came from Argentina where she forged her career as a vocalist in musical projects such as Héroes del Swing. An elegant final «digestive» for a weekend that we hope will be unforgettable.


You may know it or not ,

  but you will surely have danced to their music in parties, social swing events and in your dance classes. It is one of the most famous bands on the contemporary swing scene.

They have played at the most prestigious European festivals.

This time you will see, listen to and dance with them in Zaragoza at Pingoletus Festival 2023, and will get acquainted with this famous peculiar mushroom hat trompett player.

On a solid rhythmic base, guitars, saxophone and trumpet compete so that you can’t stop dancing.
Without doubt a «reserve» in the menu to boost up your rythm.




We want you to feel comfortable in the classes, to learn and for the teachers to bring out the best of your dancing skills. Read the levels explainations carefully and if you have any doubts we can help you find you would best fit.


You've been taking classes for at least a few months but you sometimes feel unsure in social dancing. You know the basic steps, the structures of 6 and 8 times, and through them you are able to communicate with your partner and you know simple steps of Jazz Steps like those of the Shim Sham. If you want to continue consolidating the base of Lindy Hop and begin to gain musicality and fluency, this is your level


You frequently go to social events and have visited workshops and festivals. You are comfortable with swing-out at medium tempos and perhaps you have started to explore with rhythm and syncopation. You are also able to memorize new steps and simple choreography. Your connection is solid and you can adapt to different partners. In addition, you begin to understand the importance of Solo Jazz in your dance. If you want to start delving into rhythmic variations and musicality, this is your level.


You have participated in many workshops and festivals and you are able to teach simple things in your local scene. You enjoy rhythm, syncopation and advanced musicality. You feel comfortable in any tempos. You are able to enrich your dance with Solo Jazz movements together with your partner, in a fluid way. You know Solo Jazz routines like Tranky doo or the Big apple. Whenever you can you go to social dances and you are a well known face in your scene.


El Gran Hotel de Zaragoza

The most beautiful ballroom

The Gran Hotel de Zaragoza was inaugurated in 1929 by King Alfonso XIII. It has hosted figures such as Ava Gardner, Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney and every other illustrious person who has visited the city. A classic-style building with regional overtones on the outside and two beautiful rooms on the inside.

The Rotunda room with its magnificent dome and chandelier, and the dining room, recreating the sumptuousness of similar rooms in Central Europe, and which, this time, will be our dance room. Get your camera ready to remember this unique venue.

Pilar Torcal Academy

A space created for dancing

Famous dance academy in Zaragoza, more than 300m2 of pine wood flooring, and mobile partitions to create two totally independent rooms.

Spacious and bright fully equipped changing room.

It is a 20 min walk from the center but buses 24, 25, 39, 40, 51 drive you there. 


To facilitate your accommodation in Zaragoza, we have made a list of hotels-residences-hostels of different price ranges. Please also check the festival provisional schedule with a  summary of the locations.