Lindyjotters festival




3 parties with live band

Conference Luis Escalante  

The Swing Bus




3 parties with band

1h30 Aereal

1h Musicality Class with live music

Conference L.Escalante

The Swing Bus



3h. Lindy Hop clases

1h30 aereals

1h musicality with Steve Combe

Conference L. Escalante

The Swing Bus

3 parties with live band




1h30 solo jazz class with Jessy Miller



(Members reduced price 164€)

5h15. Lindy Hop Class

1.5 h. de aéreos (preferential class hour selection)

1h Musicality class

Conference L.Escalante

3 parties with live band



.Add an hour and a half of Solo Jazz to your pass. It's said that you can't dance with someone else if you don't know how to dance solo first. What's true is that Solo is about the music and you, together and connected, exploring your body and working with rhythms. Jessy Miller will take you to that state for an hour and a half, so you can round off a festival where music and dance take center stage. (We recommend having a good foundation in Solo Jazz to make the most of this track.) Friday at 7 p.m.



The PingoLetUs is, from its origin, a festival that advocates the hop as an essential part of Lindy Hop because in Aragonese, "Pingoleta" means "somersault." It is mandatory to attend with a partner, and there will be no rotation in the class.



Luis Escalante is an avid scholar and promoter of jazz music history. In this regard, his work positions him in the wake of prestigious professionals like Cifu. It includes radio programs, three books, and, in recent years, the production of 258 podcasts about jazz and its history. Under his guidance, we will explore, in the language of Cervantes, a portion of this fascinating odyssey of African American music.



Con Steve Combe with live music "There are no jazz dancers or jazz musicians... only Jazz music!" Learn the different forms of swing music, the roles of the instruments and how to use your ears to bring your dancing closer to the music. From listening to individual instruments, understanding the importance of melody to reacting to dynamics; this fun and interactive class will open your eyes and ears to a world of new possibilities in your dancing.



These young dancers are sweeping international festival competitions. They convey tons of energy and happiness. Some of the coolest dancers in Europe are awaiting you in Zaragoza. Pingo-Let-Us wants to build a friendly swing dance community and believes in a team of instructors where the group soul is just as important, if not more so, than each individual. 

Will Fulton ✨ 

Will spent his pre-dance years in the world of professional rugby and tries to bring that same work ethic and energy to his dancing. On the rare occasion they are not abroad sharing their passion for swing dancing you will find William teaching classes and weekend workshops with Jessy in their home city of London. A melting pot of creativity, the city offers endless inspiration to dancers and it has hugely shaped Will’s dancing. You can expect Will’s teaching to focus on clean basics, interesting rhythms and unfamiliar power moves.

Jessy Miller ✨ 

Jessy Miller trained in classical Ballet and Tap before finding her passion in Lindy Hop at the age of 19. Jessy fell in love with the culture and the music of the dance and values expression and authenticity.

In London, she is part of the London Jazz Works team, running socials and teaching regular classes. You can expect Jessy’s teaching to focus on taking risks, exploring new movements, and tap rhythms.

Angus Sloan ✨

Angus is currently dancing and creating in London, after finding dance in his home country Scotland.

He loves to jam and share moves on the social dance floor. He feels the importance of dancers exploring their own style and is inspired by John bubbles and the music of great jazz musicians.

Victoria Rooke ✨

Victoria  is a linguist and so first fell in love with Lindy Hop and jazz as languages for self expression. As a Lindy Hop dancer she therefore values authentic personal expression, play, and conversation. 

She is inspired by the smooth distinct voices of the musicians Johnny Hodges and Sam Cooke, and the off-beat accents of Charlie Parker. 

In addition to Lindy Hop she continues learning and exploring related dances such as blues, slow, balboa, and most recently UK jazz dance. 

When not dancing Victoria often has her nose in a book on African American dance history, culture, and jazz music – ask her what her favourite jazz musician story is!

Ionut Bajescu ✨ 

Ionut is a dancer based in London known for his ability to connect with any dance partner and an ever-happy demeanour.

He draws his inspiration from the old clips of Frankie Manning and Shorty George, as well as tap dancers such as the Four Step Brothers. An avid reader, he reads many books about jazz – both on dancing and music.

When teaching, Ionut focuses on rhythm and connection – and how these tools can be used to bring a smile to your partner’s face. His aim is that everyone leaves the class with something to take home and practice. 

Fargol Parhizgar ✨

An English Literature nerd turned into Lindy Hop aficionado, she found her sweetest form of communication on the dance floor in 2016 when she moved to Turkey! She is happiest in performances, competitions and most of all in jam circles, jamming her heart out! If there is a jam circle going on she might have been the one who started it! She loves getting inspired by vintage clips. Her dance heroes are the legendary Daisy Richardson and Mable Lee . She is all in for toe-tapping bangers by Johnny Hodges and Count Basie!

She believes in the power of dance and music, so come and jam with her and rest assured she will make it a fun class!


The Shirt Tail Stompers have been recognised as one of Europe’s best social dance bands. Formed in 2010 for the London Lindy Exchange, they have played numerous dance camps and shows in over 25 countries all over the world. They have a passion for swing music and movement, with their extensive knowledge and experience of social dancing, they are definitely the band to dance to in 2023. 

Truly appreciating the art of swing and knowing its place in history, they are heavily influenced by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington,  Fletcher Henderson, Count Basie and many other greats from the swing and trad jazz era of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. 

The year before the pandemic alone saw them playing for dancers in Sweden, Thailand, France, South Korea, Hungary, The Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Italy and throughout the UK to rave reviews. 


Jazz for Kids is a music education project that emerged in 2014 under the guidance of Dani Escolano. Its goal is to provide young students from music schools with the opportunity to receive top musical training and work on a jazz repertoire. It has served as a breeding ground for young musicians from Aragón.The lineup combines mentors and students, so it varies over time.

We love this project and always want it by our side whenever we can.

JFK will perform on Sunday starting at 6 p.m. at the Grand Hotel. The best possible farewell.



Nicola has been dancing since 2018 and quickly became passionate about all things jazz. Her life has always been full of a love of music and she now enjoys DJing across London. She loves exploring the original giants of jazz music and also finding new twists on classic songs. Her DJ goal is to get everyone on the dance floor and see dancers of all levels having fun connecting to the music.

The best dancefloor in the city

The Grand Hotel in Zaragoza has received a 5-star rating in the Swingadvisor guide. Few venues combine elegance, history, and functionality as seamlessly as its halls. We are back to the Grand Ballroom as the main dance floor and the impressive rotunda as the chill-out area.

Additionally, this year it will also be the venue for classes, so you won’t have to rush around the city.

All in one, everything in one place.

We look forward to welcoming you!»




To make your accommodation in Zaragoza easier, we have compiled a list of hotels, residences, and hostels at various price ranges, and we are providing you with a PDF that includes schedules and location summaries.