This year we are happy to welcome one of the best swing band in Spain:  "Le Dancing Pepa", a wonderful band from Valencia . They will play during friday an saturday night parties.

Be sure that they have the swing that will make you feel like in a 30's swing ballroom athmosphere.


For the fith edition of the festival we are proud to introduce the "Old soulz", a crazy and talented team of 5 dance teachers coming directly from Bruxelles,Belgium, with their style full of energy and airsteps . And to introduce easily all that you learned during the classes in your social dance, you will have one hour dedicated to practice with the teachers.


Since the first edition the PingoLetUs, we always have a class dedicated to air steps and hopping as in the original Lindy Hop. By the way, the name of the festival comes from  the word "Pingoleta" which means "somersault" That's why we will have a class of 1,5h with only air steps,. You can access to this class with any of the pass but it is compulsory to register with a partner as we will not switch partners.




associations members 65€

2h. classes
1.5 h. airsteps (optional)
1 taster
2 parties with live music
Carajillo Party on the Sunday

Intermediate and advanced


associations MEMBERS 119€

5h. classes
1.5 h. airsteps (optional)
1h. practice with the teachers
1 taster
2 parties with live music
Carajillo Party on the Sunday



associations MEMBERS 45€

1 taster
1.5 h. airsteps (optional)
2 parties with live music
Carajillo Party on the Sunday


Jill De Muelenaere
Alexandre McCormack

Beatrice Neagu
Sander Costermans



Coming from Valencia, Le Dancing Pepa, is a  band with a hot swing style that  will bring us back to the golden swing era of late 20’s and 30’s.


We have the pleasure to have Sandro as our main DJ , the fith member of the Old Soulz. We are sure that he will make dance all the lindy hoppers in the Gran Hotel with a great selection of swing  music


We wish that you feel comfortable during the classes and that the teachers can get the best of you. That’s why we invite you to read carefully the diferent levels. If you are not sure which leve is yours you can contact us.


You know basics steps of lindy hop and you take regular classes for at least 3 months, but you did not get the chance to go to a festival yet...The PingoLetUs is for you! We will help you to improve your basics steps and we will teach you some new steps to feel more confident on the dance floor.


You've been dancing for at least 1 or 2 years Lindy Hop and you dance social once every weeks. It is not your first festival and you already know many steps but you would like to know more variations on those basics. Then this level is for you


You dance already for more than 3 years and you go once or twice a week to social dance and have been to many festivals . You are able to play with with the music and the rythm. You feel comfortable dancing fast tempo and you already introduce musicality in your dance.


The gran Hotel de Zaragoza

The best dance floor in town

Once again, this year, the parties will take place in one of the most beautiful place in  Zaragoza: Rotonda central del Gran Hotel de Zaragoza, inaugurated in 1929 by king Alfonso XIII, this hotel received special guest during its history: Ava Gadner, Ernest Hemingway or Walt Disney.

A great natural wooden floor and a spectacular chandelier will be the perfect spot to have 3 magical parties in the festival.

La Casa del Circo

A place created for performing arts

La casa del Circo is the place where will take place the classes for intermediate and advanced level

It has two rooms with a lot of space and well-conditioned for Lindy.

The venue have a bar, a chillout room and showers.